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See demos of EsgynDB powered by Apache Trafodion in booth 625 at Strata + Hadoop World, March 29-31 in San Jose, CA. Attend Esgyn CTO Rohit Jain's presentation In Search of Database Nirvana: The Challenges of Delivering HTAP.


EsgynDB 2.0.1 is certified with HDP 2.3. It has been given the YARN-ready badge (based on Hive integration) and the Security-ready badge.

EsgynDB 2.0发布

易鲸捷发布了EsgynDB 2.0。该版本支持多数据中心(双活),可以将Hadoop上的事务集成到生产环境中。 点击此处,了解此版本的全部功能。 同时,易鲸捷发布了新闻稿,分享了第一批客户(ADP、 [阅读更多]

Bloor对Apache Trafodion DBMS发表文章评论

Bloor Research writes about Trafodion: This new database project, Trafodion (which is Welsh for "transactions"), is offering SQL on Hadoop (with full ACID properties, which are sometimes compromised in new and "affordable" databases). This promises, amongst other things, to let you run both operational transaction processing workloads and "big data" analytics against the same Hadoop datastore environment.